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Age of Mythology-  ATM OF EREBUS-1000 gold

                                  TROJAN HORSE FOR SALE-1000 wood

                                   JUNK FOOD NIGHT-1000 food

                                   WUV WOO-flying purple hippo (WTF??)

                                   O CANADA- lazer bear (more WTF??)

                                    ISIS HEAR MY PLEA- all campaign heroes

                                   BAWK BAWK BOOM-chicken meteor strike

                                    TINES OF POWER- this fat guy who has a fork

Age of Empires 3-     WHERE'S THAT AXE?- George Chrushington

                                   TUCK TUCK TUCK- monster truck XD

                                  SOOO GOOD- who killed who thing

                                  SPEED ALWAYS WINS- faster gather rate

Medieval 2 total war- add_money 9000000- adds 9000000 money

                                      add_population (settlement name) 9000000- adds that population to settlement

                                       rogan- elephant bombard

                                       george- cool machine gun thing

                                      toggle_fow-sees all map :)

These are all PC games I know and I have cheats for, please send requests for more at:!